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Keiko (2009-2012)

Post Part 1.

When we picked up Keiko on December 12th 2009, we hadn’t had a pet in years. And now, she’s been gone for a year and it still hurts. The day we got her, she was the last of a little of little moggies, mostly boys. No one wanted the little cream coloured kitten with the dark tail. Maybe because she kept hiding under the house. She was the naughtiest, cheekiest cat I have ever known. And she had so much personality.

Keiko would speak, obviously in cat speech, but she would answer you. She would say no quite loudly if she didn’t get what she wanted or someone did something she disagreed with. She would chirp, she would make the sound of a ringing phone. All sorts of odd, cute sounds. She could open a door, but we ever managed to teach her to close it. She litterbox trained herself. She liked to play with water, she would do things you would expect a dog to do. And she enjoyed leaping into the air doing backflips to catch a ball or a dragon fly.

Keiko, we found out in 2012 was a Lynx Point Siamese. They are born if their dad or mum is a siamese cat and the other parent is a moggy. So Keiko was mostly cream, her tail was grey and black striped, and she had light brown and grey tabby markings. She had one black toe. Very blue eyes.

And if you were cutting meat in the kitchen.. you better be prepared to protect it. She knew the minute you took out a knife, you were going to cut meat and would do anything she could to get it. We gave her kangeroo meat, because its good for their teeth and the smell drove her mental.

The day before she was put down, I had been in Melbourne with friends, it had been a wonderful day and I came home to find out that she had cancer and the only reason she was still alive is so I could say goodbye. Which I did. We spent the whole next day with her. Doing her favourite things, she ate her favourite food. And.. I think she knew. She made a point to sit with everyone and everything.

And then, me and dad took her to the vet that night. I carried her home. Because I had carried her home the day we got her and it ownly seemed fitting. Dad had made her a little coffin, we put in one of her toys and dad buried her in the yard. She even has a little headstone with her name. 

There will never be another cat like her and it isn’t fair that she died so young. We have never had a pet thats lived to old age. I think the oldest was five. Keiko was so beautiful, so full of personality, so unique. So.. special. And extremely spoilt. 

I have a few, gifs, of her that I will try and post in part 2. I have so many photos of her (blame my mum and Keiko. She was so photogenic).

Thank you for listening.

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