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Never To See The Stars Again

BBC Sherlock, Post-Reichenbach Fic

Characters:…all of them?

 Rating: PG or M I guess so far. 

Warnings: Character “death”, swearing, blood? EMOTIONS

Chapter 10:

John continued to walk alongside the elderly caretaker as he continued his monologue. So many people had visited Sherlock since he..left. “Yeah, right popular, regular celebrity. I read all that stuff in the papers. Utter rubbish if you ask me. Never believe what I see in the papers anymore anyway.” John gave a half smile. “Yeah.. thanks. It’s nice to know there are more people who don’t believe the lies.”

The caretaker placed his hand on John’s shoulder. “Son, I’ve seen you here a few times. You seem like a nice young man, I don’t like to see people so young, so broken. Thats why I felt I had to talk to you. You were very close weren’t you? Lovers? Family?” John blinked back tears. “Friends but.. I knew him more than his own family apparently. Vice versa I guess. Thanks.. um.. I better go say hello.” The man smiled and patted his shoulder.

“Say hello for me will you?”

“Yeah I’ll do that.”


“Been really busy Sherlock. Tided up some of your stuff. John hasn’t been around much though. We meet downstairs in the cafe, he doesn’t like to visit me in the flat. He refuses to go inside. I don’t blame him. I’m still angry at you, young man. You had no right to do this. I don’t care what your reasons were. I..oh Sherlock..” She felt tears sting her eyes, pulling out a pink handkerchief she dabbed at the wetness gently.

“I loved you like a son, Sherlock. Thats why I treated you like one. And then in came John and suddenly I had two lovely boys sharing my building. Inseparable the two of you were. I couldn’t imagine one without the other. But now I have no choice. Poor John, he’s so lonely. It makes me so sad. So angry at you. But can you blame me? You used to pretend you didn’t care but anyone with half a brain could see you did. You just liked to pretend. But I knew you cared, not just about John and me. You cared about Lestrade and that nice Molly. She’s lovely. The dear is always coming over to see how I am.”

“I forget she’s known you longer than the rest of us. Mycroft’s only visited the place a few times. I think it’s too hard for him to see your flat without you in it. He’s changed, your brother. I think this has made him a little more gentle in a lot of respects. I’ve taken to mothering him whenever I do see him. He’s a very private man, isn’t he? But I see you in him, I can’t help but like him.” She dabbed her eyes again before laying a bouquet of black roses in front of the stone. “I better pop off and head back home. Visiting a few friends tonight. I  have to re-do my make up now, fix up my hair. Why am I telling you dear?.. I’ll come see you again soon”


“I don’t know why I’m talking to you. You’re just behind that tree listening to my Ipod. Replacing all my songs with orchestral music. But…I guess I’ve got to keep up appearances. What to say? It’s interesting having you visit so often Sherlock. I feel like we’re really becoming friends. And I feel..I don’t know, privileged that I get to see that side of you, John always talked about. I don’t like the fact that I now have a chemical burn under a rug in the living room now, or the mess you made of the study that doubles as your bedroom. I tried to get in there the other day to get my hairdryer, which you had dismantled, only to trip over a pile of folders!”

“However, I’m really pleased you aren’t actually dead. That would.. really break my heart. I’d like to see you smile more though. Not just when you see me looking at you. Like when we dyed your hair for the second time. Blonde doesn’t suit you though. I liked you as a ginger, go back to that. I understand that you need to disguise your self whenever you come back to London. Oh by the way, thank you for that little Eiffel Tower figurine you brought me last week. Don’t know where you found the time to buy it while on the run. Knowing you, you probably stole it….anyway!….I think I’m off topic.”

“Please smile more, I hate it when you’re sad. You’re doing it again. Looking sad when you think I’m not looking. Are you thinking about John and everyone else? About future missions? Your life is so dangerous Sherlock, I get so worried whenever you go away. I love you…I still kind of have a crush on you but I know that will never go anywhere but I care about you. Thats love isn’t it? You’re like a brother to me, I guess. I don’t know. I guess I’m saying all this to your gravestone because I don’t have the courage to say it to your face..”

She looked over at the slim figure resting his back against the tree behind the grave. Back to his normal hair colour. He’d been here recently too, just before his trip to Paris. He’d stopped by to see John one last time. Now he was back in a hoodie and jeans. Designer clothes seem to attract too much attention. Made him look to much like himself. Molly looked behind her to see a few people wander into the cemetery. Back to acting. She didn’t mind that, only when she was around their friends did she mind. It felt like betrayal. But when she was alone with Sherlock it was like a little adventure. She loved adventure stories and right now her life felt like one.

“Ready ‘lock?”

“Yup, come on Molls’”

He jumped up, resumed slouching and the two of them pretended all the way towards the entrance of the graveyard.

“You can’t giggle at a cemetery ‘Molls’”

Which made her giggle more, his voice, so different than his usual. Sherlock waited until they were walking down the sidewalk before asking her what was so funny. She reached forward and lifted a little lizard off the top of his hoodie. His face erupted into a smile and the two of them laughed themselves down the street. 


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