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Never To See The Stars Again

BBC Sherlock, Post-Reichenbach Fic

Characters:…all of them?

 Rating: PG or M I guess so far. 

Warnings: Character “death”, swearing, blood? EMOTIONS

Chapter 8:


Oooh! Did I just render you speechless? No.. that’s mean, sorry, things have been a little weird for me lately.” He turned around, gave the streets a once over, before walking over to Mycroft and removing the hoodie so it revealed his face.

Sherlock…” Of course it had to be him. No one else would know that childhood nickname. But he still couldn’t believe it. The man in front of him though, was a ghost. Foolishness, there was no such thing of course. And yet here one was, a spirit, spectre of his little brother. And he was ginger?

What happened to your hair?”

Sherlock gave him a secretive smile.


Molly had returned home from a long, stressful day at work. Yes things could get stressful in a morgue. But at least her “client’s” didn’t talk back. That would be..awkward really if they did. She dropped her bag on the floor and headed to the living room, expecting to see her house guest in the exact place she left him.



Molly turned the corner into her hallway and towards the bathroom, the door was open. “Sherlock? Sherlock!” Curly black locks covered the floor. “Oh Sherlock.. you cut your hair!…and pretty badly too” She began to break out in giggles, a detective he was certainly, but a hairdresser? Definitely not.

“On the floor Sherlock, you’re too tall and your hair looks terrible”

He almost pouted. “I did my best.”

“This for a disguise?”

“Yeah, bit less noticeable”

“Right.. not noticeable at all no. Is that why you haven’t shaved all week?”

“Of course”

Molly evened out the dark, cropped hair and leaned back to inspect her handy work. “Much better” Sherlock stood and looked at himself in the mirror. “I suppose. Thank you. Did you buy the dye?” She covered a smile and nodded. “Yeah.. you’re really going to dye your hair red?” He nodded reaching for the bottle. “Black’s a bit..”



She had to admit, once it was all over and he stopped cursing at her because his eyes were stinging, after she’d stopped laughing at the almost childish fit he’d thrown because the dye was dripping down his cheeks, that he actually looked rather cute as a ginger.


I see”

No you don’t”

Mycroft directed his brother to the car waiting outside the cemetery. “So.. obviously you are alive, though I’m at a loss as to explain how. No doubt I will figure it out soon enough. I can only assume you are not here to forgive me, but for help?” Sherlock nodded. It would take some time to forgive his brother but after witnessing first hand his grief, first at the morgue, secondly at the funeral, it wouldn’t be all that long.

I need to go away for awhile. People are in danger here if I stay”

Thats why you jumped”

I had no choice”

Theres always a choice”

Not this time, Mycroft, trust me. Now will you help me?”

You never had to ask. You know I would without question. Except I do have questions. You aren’t planning to go after Moriarty’s web?” Another secretive grin. But he gave him that one. His heart was warmed by the fact that he could smile. That his brother wasn’t a broken corpse beneath the ground, but a brilliantly alive body above it.

That’s exactly what I’m planning..”


Mrs Hudson fetched another cup of tea for Lestrade, who had just entered the flat. “Here you go dear, sit on the couch, nice and comfortable.” Hardly anyone had come back. Molly was there, chatting to John, young Henry Knight was in the corner chatting to someone else. Mycroft wasn’t there, but then Mycroft was a very busy man. He probably didn’t do this sort of thing anyway. John muttered something to Molly, who suddenly began to talk to Mrs Hudson instead, allowing John to sit with Greg.

You-Know-Who and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named send their condolences” John let his lips twitch at the Inspectors poor attempt at levity. “Do they now? Good for them” Lestrade brought the cup up to his lips, letting the warm liquid trickle down his throat. “I think they feel bad” John laughed.

“So they should. Idiots, the both of them” Yeah. “They’ve been reviewing the evidence.. I think they’re starting to change their minds” John raised his eyebrows, secretly pleased. “Great.. thats really great, maybe you lot can actually do something worthwhile, like clear his name!”

I intend to.. some how. I owe it to him. God help me”

Yeah you do”


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