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Never To See The Stars Again

BBC Sherlock, Post-Reichenbach Fic

Characters:…all of them?

Rating: PG or M I guess so far. 

Warnings: Character “death”, swearing, blood? EMOTIONS

Chapter 5:

Where are we going?”

Scotland Yard of course” Mycroft took out his phone, calling several people in rapid succession. Lestrade was terrified. He didn’t consider Mycroft an enemy, but right now he was certainly not a friend. The car stopped, Mycroft waited for Greg to leave the vehicle before heading up towards Scotland Yard.

Inside was quiet. Too quiet. He knew that was cliché but this was the Yard! There was no one here, not a soul. “Where is everyone?” Mycroft kept walking, towards Greg’s office. “Gone, I sent them all away” Greg stammered. “Y-you can’t bloody do that!” Mycroft turned, freezing Lestrade with one look. “I just did, Inspector. Now, please shut up. You’ll scare our guests”. Greg turned to see the shocked, confused faces of Anderson and Sally.


Inspector? What’s going on?” Sally look from her boss to the tall, dark haired man beside him. “I don’t know Sally. I don’t know.” Mycroft smiled at her, darkly sweet. It made her blood run cold. It was like looking into the face of a wolf. Elegant, strong but deadly, ready to strike as soon as the opportunity arose. He pulled out a small book from his inner suit pocket and turned to the middle. He then did something that chilled her to the bone. He read out her life story. Things he couldn’t know, couldn’t possibly know. And then he looked at her, that wolfish smile again.

Who are you? How do you know all that?!”

Well my dear, I occupy a position in the British Government. Usually I maintain that it is only minor, but that’s a lie.” He removed his wallet, displaying quickly several cards. BSS, CIA, MI5… “In some ways I am the British Government, my job is such that I dabble in every part of it. They all come to me with their problems. It’s why I was so easily able to dismiss the entire Scotland Yard so we could have our little talk.”

I already have. Didn’t you see? Didn’t you..observe? I have that power, you’re lucky I have no desire to abuse it. Well.. I normally don’t. You two however present quite a problem. You see, you said somethings that hurt someone close to me, hurt them so badly, that it triggered a chain of events that have led to his death.” Again the smile. “See those cameras?” They all turned to see every camera in the room turn away. “Now no one can see you. I could do anything and no one would ever know”

Look.. I don’t care about your job, or who you are.. but you can’t just dismiss the police!” Anderson was furious. Terrified but furious.

Who’s he talking about?” Sally turned to Lestrade, her eyes begging him for support. He gave her none. “Early this afternoon…there was a suicide of St Bart’s Hospital..it was Sherlock. He .. um he killed himself, Sally” She stared at him with disbelief. Surely the Freak was to fond of himself and his brain to do such a thing.

Whats that got to do with us? Look, he was a criminal who did a lot of terrible things. He was a fake, a fraud. A freak” Mycroft was suddenly right in her face, causing her to back into a wall. “Don’t ever let me hear you say such filth again. You didn’t know him. You never lived with him, like Dr. Watson, you never knew him before he was truly famous. You didn’t know him at all, where do you get off making such allegations with no proof? Or do you simply believe so much in the skills of the man next to you, who you are currently having an affair with. Even an amateur forensic scientist would have examined the footsteps left by the kidnapper. My own people have done so, we have proof they did not belong to Sherlock Holmes, and if you go review your own evidence, you would see I am correct. So let me tell you, Sally Donavon. Sherlock Holmes was not a freak. No the only freaks in this room are you and your ‘pal’”


His speech had rendered the entire room speechless. Anderson sputtered and choked on angry words. Lestrade had backed far away from the man he had once called a friend. “Mycroft..look.. I know you’re angry, I know you’re grieving, but, they haven’t committed any crimes. You can’t just lock them away” Thats what you want to do, don’t you? Punish them? Can’t say I blame you really.

Mycroft turned to stare at Greg. “Maybe I should lock them away. Lock them away forever or until they realise the error of their ways. Or perhaps I should let them go and just erase every aspect of their existence until, in the eyes of the law and the government, they cease to exist.”

Look… just who are you? Why are you doing this? Obviously you were a friend of the Fre-..Sherlock Holmes. But where do you get off trying to intimidate us like this?” Mycroft gave him a chilling smile, his eyes dead and cold. “Because he was and is dear to me and you have sullied his name. Because you are stupid and fail to observe. If you had you would have seen the name on my cards or at least figured out who I was by now. Really, Lestrade, these are the sort of people they allow in Scotland Yard these days?”

Look, they’re good at their jobs…usually.. I think they get the point. I get the point. I think you know how I feel about all this”

WHO ARE YOU?!” Sally screamed, pushing against Mycroft’s chest, finally becoming brave enough to strike back. Mycroft spun around, his hand reaching his umbrella. He watched her hand reach for her gun.

MYCROFT HOLMES! And I wouldn’t do that if I was you, my dear!” He twisted the handle, revealing part of the steal that lay in the hollowed centre of the umbrella. A sword. She looked at Greg who motioned for her to put the gun down.

You’re related to Sherlock?”

He was my little brother and you helped destroy him. I will never forgive you. You are fortunate that although he disliked you and your treatment of him, that he tolerated your ignorance and incompetence. It was not a trick, it was all real. A technique and ability that I nurtured and I myself have. And I will see, if you sully his name once more, that the both of you will never find another job in this city again, perhaps even the country if I’m angry enough.” He slid the handle back down and nodded at Lestrade.

"Good day Greg, you are welcome at the funeral, they however, I never wish to see again”

And he left, leaving three terrified individuals, two confused and with unanswered questions, another so downhearted and sad that he couldn’t even bring himself to cry. 


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