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Never To See The Stars Again

BBC Sherlock, Post-Reichenbach Fic

Characters:…all of them?

Rating: PG or M I guess so far. 

Warnings: Character “death”, swearing, blood? EMOTIONS

Chapter 2: 

Lestrade leaned back on his chair, feet crossed on top of his desk. He sipped his coffee, his mind still on the problem of Sherlock Holmes. What was he going to do with the kid? He still believed in him…ok he had doubts but he’d known the guy way before he became famous, he may be a jerk but he wasn’t a criminal or a liar.

A rap at the door.

“Yeah, come in.” A young man, new in the force, popped his ginger, baby-faced head around the corner. “Inspector Lestrade?” Greg motioned for him to enter, the boy did so, closing the door and looking nervously around the room. “What can I help you with son?”

“Um.. theres been a suicide, off St Bart’s Hospital, Sir”

“Not my division”

“I know Sir…but um, they said you’d want to know about this one”

Greg leaned forward, placing his feet on the floor, curious. “Oh? Alright then, who was it?”

“Sherlock Holmes, Sir”



“Im sorry…but…I.. I saw it. I … he just jumped.” John’s voice faded away, putting his head back into his hands, his shaking hands. “John.. he can’t have, he’s not like that.” John shook his head. “Everything was going wrong, they all blamed him, they all believed Moriarty’s lies. I guess… things got to much…even he must have a breaking point..had.. a breaking point….shit”

Mrs Hudson, buried her face into John’s shoulder and cried. John cried with her. Pouring out their sorrows into the other. Mrs Hudson was all he had left now. The two of them against the world, against the haters, the doubters, the story tellers.

“Did he say anything?”

“Just…goodbye. Thats all he said… goodbye.”

“Him.. of all people. I never…” She chocked back a sob. “Does his brother know?” John shrugged, it hadn’t been released to the press yet, a small comfort provided by the hospital. “Who knows, with him. He has eyes and ears everywhere but…I don’t know. Suppose I should tell him..but…I don’t want too.”

“He needs to know John… he’s his brother.”

“Yes.. but..you don’t understand, part of this was his fault. He said some things and it backfired. And now Sherlock’s…” He couldn’t seem to form the words “Sherlock’s dead”.


“…..This a joke, right?” He gave a nervous laugh. “This is some kind of joke”

The boy shook his head. “No Sir. They said he jumped off the rooftop, a few hours ago. ….Killed instantly. They said you’d want to know…”

This couldn’t be real. Sherlock would never do such a thing. He felt the life drain out him. He put his coffee cup on the desk, and rubbed his hands over his face. “They’re certain it’s him?”

“Well the body hasn’t been officially identified yet but…there was a witness.”


“John Watson, Sir”


“Ok, hold my calls, Im going to check this out for myself. Don’t..don’t tell Donavon and Anderson ok? I plan to have words with them myself” He stood, moving to pull on his coat and left the office as fast as if his life depended on it.


As he entered the morgue, he spotted a familiar figure hunched over one of the bodies. “Molly?” She jumped, turning around quickly, brushing the hair out if her eyes. Her eyes and nose were red. She gave him a quivering smile. “Hi..um..Greg, right? C-can I help you?” He walked up to her, wanting to give her a hug or let her know everything would be ok. But that would be a lie.

“I came to see if it was true”

“You know then? Um.. of course you know, you’re the police. Uh..he’s here. I..I haven’t cleaned him up yet, there was a bus accident and that sort of took me away from….him. Are you sure you don’t want to wait?” He placed a hand on her shoulder. “I’m sure. I have to see for myself.”

She nodded and moved away from the body behind her and to end of the table. Molly reached over and unzipped the body bag until it revealed just his face. White, deathly white. Pale eyes stared upwards, chilling his soul. There was so much blood, all over his face. It was definitely him. “Shit. God..” You idiot. You bloody idiot! What possessed you-..

“Definitely him?”

“DNA doesn’t lie.. plus… John… he was there so…I didn’t want to believe it. He told me to leave, said he had some business to take care of and then the next thing I know, they’re telling me someone jumped off the roof. And.. and I came down here and it was him. It was Sherlock..” Her voice ran a mile a minute, shaking and squeaking with grief. “I never told him…but..it never would have mattered to him anyway..”

Lestrade found an empty table and pulled himself up on it. Hands fidgeting. What did he do now? Comfort John? John wouldn’t even want to see him. Firstly he needed to keep this out of the press for a short time. Give those grieving a little space. “I better.. go see John.. and..can I talk to your superiors?” She nodded and led him from the room.

Greg turned, giving the body one last look. Why, Sherlock? You were becoming a good man, no matter what the media says, I know you and this.. this isn’t you. This is not something I ever thought you were capable of being. And it’s my fault.. isn’t it? I doubted.. and it drove you to fall. Ha… probably deducing up there right now aren’t you?

Bloody fallen angel.  


Chapter 1

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